58 year old porter dies after truck with wood topples


58-year-old porter Lyton Hendricks lost his life following a fatal accident that occurred on Wednesday about 07:30 hours on Ampa Bay Trail East Bank Essequibo. The accident involved an unregistered motor tractor and trailer driven by 24-year-old Reaz Khan of Butcher Street Parika E.B.E and the now dead man who was a porter of Pomeroon River.

According to the police report the unregistered motor tractor was proceeding west on Ampa Bay Trail with the trailer attached packed with wallaba posts and the porter was sitting atop the posts when the trailer’s right side wheel went into a hole causing same to swing right. Due to the amount of load being transported, the trailer toppled and the porter was pinned under the pile of posts. With the help of public-spirited persons, the porter was taken out from under the pile taken to the Boat landing and later transported to the West Demerara Regional Hospital where he was seen and examined by a doctor on duty who pronounced him dead. The body was then taken to the Eziekel Funeral home for storage and awaiting PME.

The driver has been placed in custody pending further investigations.


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