APNU+AFC urges GPF to desist from inciting, intimidating Belladrum residents


-police force has become “political took for persecution”- Harmon
On Saturday night, heavy police presence in the village of Belladrum, West Coast Berbice, caused panic and fear among several residents in that area and in light of this, presumptive Leader of the APNU+AFC Opposition, Joseph Harmon is calling on the Guyana Police Force (GPF) to “cease and desist from inciting and intimidating” persons living in that area.
In a press release from the APNU+AFC, the coalition stated that the ranks of the GPF had transformed the peaceful village into a “virtual war zone.”
“Specifically, Mr. Harmon calls on Commander Cooper, Deputy Commander Mandal and Sergeant McDonald and all other officers and ranks who have occupied the village to stand down with immediate effect. Reports from the village are that heavily armed police in full riot gear have taken up positions at virtually every corner of the village and residents are frightened and fearful by their alarming and sudden presence.”
According to Harmon, it appeared as though the country had become a “police State” and that no murder or major crime had been committed in Belladrum, therefore police ranks should not have been “targeting” that village.
“Our supporters and the residents of Belladrum are frightened tonight as a result of this massive police presence in the village without any explanation or warning whatsoever. There is absolutely no need for this excessive action by the police, it is clearly designed to incite and intimidate and the APNU+AFC Coalition will not tolerate it,” Harmon declared.
Prior to the police presence in Belladrum, the residents there had staged a peaceful, socially distanced protest calling public attention to the mistreatment of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) Returning Officer, Clairmont Mingo, by the Guyana Police Force.
“Mr Mingo has been in police custody for several days and the High Court ordered his release today. The Guyana Police Force has disregarded the order of the court and has kept Mr. Mingo in custody beyond the legally permissible 72 hours. The APNU+AFC also demands the immediate release of Mr. Mingo from police custody.”
According to Harmon, the civil liberties and the constitutional rights of citizens are being trampled and abused by the Guyana Police Force which has clearly reverted to being a “political tool of persecution for the fraudulent and illegitimate PPP regime, the likes of which was the case prior to 2015.”


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