Bandits invade home of elderly Berbice couple….


Police in the Corentyne, Berbice district are looking for two bandits after they robbed a couple of a number of items with a shotgun and cutlass.
Police investigations have revealed that a 58-year-old ranger and a 68-year-old housewife were relaxing in their hammock under a shed that is attached to their Warren Village #19 Corentyne Berbice home. Further, the ranger claimed that he got up and went to the gate to call out to his brother when he was suddenly confronted by the two bandits.

The bandit that was armed with the cutlass dealt him a chop to his upper left hand causing him to receive injuries. The victim then held on to the said cutlass which also caused him to receive a wound to the left palm of his hand. He then shouted for help from his neighbours but the bandits quickly pulled him into the house and began to deal him several cuffs about his body.
The other bandit with the gun then push the female victim who fell to the ground.
They then demanded cash and jewelry and both bandits then relieved both victims of Two Samsung cellular phones valued at $40,000 and $50,000, two gold earrings valued at $20,000, and one gold bangle valued at $80,000. The masked men then made good their escape on foot and whilst doing so a loud explosion was heard which was suspected to be a gunshot.

Both victims were escorted to New Amsterdam Public Hospital where they were seen treated and sent away.

Checks were made in the area for the bandits to no avail.
Investigations are ongoing.


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