Banned! Jamaica Dancehall Artiste Skeng can no longer perform locally


“I have to say here and now, that no artist like Skeng will ever come again into this country.”

Those were the words from Minister of Home Affairs Robeson Benn.

Citing security concerns following his performance at the ‘Badderation Show’, Kevon “Skeng” Douglas has been banned from local shores, Home Affairs Minister Robeson Benn announced on Friday.

The decision comes weeks after a show which featured the artiste ‘went south’ after patrons present at the shot riddled bullets in the air and began pelting bottles while the dancehall star performed his hit “Protocol”.

“I have to say here and now, that no artiste like Skeng will ever come again into this country, will not come again into this country under the signature of any person from the Ministry of Home Affairs or from the Guyana Police Force, will not come on a public stage. If they want, they can go into a private club and behave as badly as they want. We will not sign off on any such artiste or any artiste who has a record of promoting vulgar and lawless behavior including the firing of gunshots in public places”, the Minister of Home Affairs, Robeson Benn said.

The Minister further announced that artistes “like Skeng” will no longer be allowed in Guyana at events in public places. However, it is unclear who he is referring to.

Describing the music as disgraceful, the Minister made it clear that such music does not have a place in Guyana due to its lack of positive influence and message.

Benn was speaking at the opening of the Community Relations Department of the Guyana Police Force on Friday morning when he made the announcement.

The “Baderation” Concert, which was hosted by the Hits and Jams promotion group as part of the band launch for Guyana’s Cricket Carnival during the Independence weekend in May. The headliner for the event was Skeng, however the show featured several other regional and local artistes.

Chaos reigned at the event, which captured the attention of the Guyanese public as well as persons from the Caribbean region. The show ended prematurely after patrons began bussing gunshots and throwing bottles. Several patrons were reportedly robbed and injured during the chaotic scene.

Following the show, the promoters as well as other stakeholders met for a meeting. There was changes implemented for concerts moving forward, such as the ban on glass bottles and the need for security scanners at all events.

The Guyana Police Force had even launched an investigation into the shooting incidents, however, there has been no word since about any arrest.


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