Bodies of teens found with throats slit in coconut field…


Quartet released on bail after 72-hours expire, required to report to police as probe continues

-three more reportedly remain in police custody

Four (4) of the seven (7) persons who were arrested in relation to the brutal murders of 16-year old Isaiah Henry and his 19-year-old cousin Joel Henry who were both killed between Saturday and Sunday, have been released on bail.

This is according to the Guyana Police Force (GPF), which stated that the four individuals had to be released after the legally stipulated 72-hour-period to detain suspects during investigations, had expired.

The quartet has been placed on bail and each of the four is expected to report to the police today as the probe into the murders of the Henry cousins continue.

The gruesome discovery of the teen youths was made on Sunday, September 6, 2020, after relatives began a hunt for the duo when the cousins had failed to return home the previous day (Saturday) from picking coconuts in a coconut field not far from their homes.

The boys were found with their badly mutilated bodies partially covered by mud and their throats slit in the Cotton Tree village, WCB.

Initially, three persons were hauled into police custody hours after the probe into the Henry’s murders began.

These suspects were a 58-year-old man upon whose estate there were what appeared to be bloodstains, a handyman who worked with the estate owner, and the estate owner’s son.

Hours after the trio was detained by the cops, another two individuals were also taken into police custody in connection with the killings of the Henry cousins.

Shock waves rippled through the Number Three (3) village, WCB, when news of the youths’ murders spread like wildfire on Sunday.

Villagers immediately began protest actions and voiced their calls for justice to be served. Other residents in villages along the WCB also took to the streets over the past few days to express the same.

However, things took a fast turn as some protestors resorted to acts of criminalities such as assaulting innocent persons, robbing individuals, and destroying private properties, while blocking off roadways.

Although some level of normalcy has returned, ranks of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) and the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) are presently monitoring the situation and continue the bid to maintain law and order and the probe into the Henry cousins’ killings continue.


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