Businessman shot twice, robbed by gun-wielding bandits


A 56-year-old businessman was shot twice by gun-wielding bandits yesterday when they stormed into his storage bond and robbed him of $200,000 before making good their escape.

The injured man has been identified as David Cameron of lot 81 Howes Street, Charlestown, Georgetown. The man’s cold storage bond is also housed at this address.

He is currently nursing a gunshot wound to his abdomen and also to his thigh is hospitalised and said to be in a serious condition.

Reports are that on Wednesday (yesterday) arpund 17:30h, four (4) bandits rushed into the bond where Cameron was at that time.

Two of the suspects are said to have been armed with handguns.

Upon storming into the building (lower flat), the  bandits brandished their guns and then shot Cameron twice.

The quartet then ransacked the bond while a bleeding Cameron was on the floor. They stole his cash and escaped moments after.

Cameron was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corportation (GPHC) where he was treated and admitted for the gunshot wounds.

Police are on the hunt for the four suspects as investigations into the matter continue.


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