Cops discover unlicenced gun, ammo after chasing man into apartment


One man has landed himself in hot water after he tried to evade arrest but was captured inside of an apartment where an unlicenced firearm and live ammunition were found.

Reports are that around 11:30h on Sunday (yesterday), cops acting on information they received ventured to D’Urban and Cross Streets, Werk-en-Rust, where they observed the male who immediately ran into an apartment when he noticed the lawmen.

The ranks of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) gave chase and managed to apprehend the man inside of the said apartment. They conducted a search on his person but nothing was found.

As such, the policemen executed a search of the apartment and discovered one (1) .32 Taurus Millenium Pistol with its number filed off along with a magazine containing four (4) live .32 ammunition.

According to the cops, the suspect was told of the offence committed, arrested and cautioned then processed and placed in custody pending charges.


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