DHB will open to vehicles weighing 18 tons and below from 10:00 AM today 


The Hon. Bishop Juan Edghill, Minister of Public Works, has announced that the DEMERARA HARBOUR BRIDGE will be opened to vehicles weighing 18 tons and below from 10:00 AM today, Tuesday, September 6, 2022. 

The Minister is also issuing an urgent call to truck drivers to desist from “hard-braking” [reducing speed suddenly] on the bridge.” 

On Sunday, the DHB was closed to vehicular traffic from approximately 11:31 AM due to an accident, and following immediate remedial works, vehicles weighing 10 tons and under were allowed to cross the bridge the following day, however, as of today, Minister Edghill has noted the increased in weight per vehicles.

The Minister has also expressed his appreciation to the Management and staff of the DHBC for ensuring the inconvenience to members of the public was not prolonged.  

“I wish to thank the hardworking staff of the Demerara Harbour Bridge, who assiduously worked all night to repair the recently damaged section of the DHB. Thanks to the commitment of General Manager Mr. Wayne Watson and the entire team, vehicles with higher weight loads (18 tons and below) can now cross the bridge,” Minister Edghill has stated. 

The Minister is also urging all users of the bridge, especially truck drivers to reduce their speed while crossing. 

“Hard-braking must not be practiced as it can affect the bridge,” The Minister has reiterated. 


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