Gun play outside City Bar leaves man hospitalized


Police are investigating a shooting nearby the Mantra Restaurant and Lounge, that left one man hospitalized.

According to the Police, one man is in police custody while Deon Jerrick, is presently hospitalized as a result of the shooting.

The incident occurred at Lamaha Street Kitty, between Gordon and Pike Streets around 01:30 hrs on Monday.

So far, Investigation revealed that the Jerrick was in the vicinity of Mantra Restaurant and Lounge, in the company of friends, when he along with his friends were involved in an argument with the suspect.

“This resulted in a ‘gun play’, where both the victim and the suspect discharged firearms. In the process Deon Jerrick received a wound to his left-side just below his armpit.” Police Headquarters noted.

The suspect then ran south along Lamaha street but was later apprehended by the Police.

The injured Jerrick was then supported by one of his friends and he was taken to the St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, where he is presently receiving treatment. His condition is regarded as serious but stable.

The 28 year old suspect is presently in custody assisting with the investigation.


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