Guyana records 52 deaths from 48 fatal accidents


As of July 10 this year, fatal traffic accidents has decreased by at least 30 percent, Acting Commissioner of Police Nigel Hoppie told ranks at an awards and incentives presentation ceremony on Thursday at the Police Officers’ Mess, Eve Leary.

He said: “Unto July 10 this year, traffic has seen a decrease of 32 percent in fatal accidents (48 this year with 71 for the same period last year) and a consequential 30 percent decrease in fatalities (52 this year with 74 last year).”

“Pedestrians (17 victims) and motor cyclists (12) have been the major categories of road users who have lost their lives on the roadways this year with inattentiveness (21 fatal accidents) and speeding (18 fatal accidents) being the main causes.”

He said traffic enforcement so far this year throughout the country has resulted in 8,719 cases for speeding, 459 cases for driving under the influence and 10,188 for unlicensed driver.


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