Guyanese woman arrested for stashing Brazilian spouse’s illegal weapons


-husband escapes to Bonfim, leaves wife to face consequences

A Guyanese woman is now in hot water after cops discovered two unlicensed firearms along with gunpowder reportedly belonging to her Brazilian spouse stashed away in their Lethem, Region Nine (Upper Takutu-Upper Essequibo) home.

The woman’s reputed husband evaded arrest by the police two days prior to this discovery by crossing the country’s border and returned to Bonfim, Brazil.

However, his 37-year-old wife was arrested by the police and is currently on station bail as ranks await legal advice on the way forward.

Reports are that last week, policemen in Region Nine were conducting exercises along the ‘illegal’ entry points into the country (at the borders) when the male suspect was observed entering the country from Brazil on his motorcycle.

When the man noticed the local cops he jumped off of his motorcycle and threw a handbag on the ground and proceeded to run towards the border to return to his country.

According to a police source, when the ranks   searched the bag they discovered ‘components of gunpowder caches.’ The motorcycle along with the bag and its contents were immediately taken to the nearest police station and lodged .

Less than 24 hours after returning to Bonfim, the male suspect ‘sent a message’ to his spouse instructing her to dispose of the two unlicensed guns that were concealed in their home.

However, police ranks got wind of this information, and immediately swooped down on the couple’s home which is located on a farm in the Maruranau Village ,South Central Rupununi, Lethem.

When the woman realized that the cops were closing in on her, she concealed the weapons in her home, but the ranks managed to locate them after a brief search.

She was arrested and taken into police custody but later placed on station bail pending advice from the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

Meanwhile, her Brazilian husband remains in hiding in the country of his birth.

Investigations into the matter continue.


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