Harmon and PNCR condemns SOCU’s act to arrest Former Minister of Finance


The People’s National Congress Reform in a statement on Thursday vehemently condemns the arrest of Former Finance Minister, Cde Winston Jordan on what can only be described as “trumped-up charges aimed at intimidating the former Minister, his family and the Guyanese population at large.”
The PNCR stands by Cde Jordan who distinguished himself as the Minister of Finance during the Coalition’s administration providing countless realistic increases to public servants and impeccable stewardship of the nations’ wealth and finances. The Party wishes to assure Cde Jordan and his family that they have its full support against the tyranny of this PPP administration.
According to the Party, the PPP’s misuse of SOCU and its resort to Gestapo tactics and inhumane treatment against members of the Coalition administration is no more than political witch hunting aimed at distracting the citizens from its mismanagement of the nations’ finances, the Covid-19 Pandemic, economic and financial discrimination, rising costs of living, increased poverty, rising crime and a fast return of Guyana as a narcotic state.
The PPP is therefore, and ought to be, scared of the statements already made by Cde Jordan, and more to come, pointing out the true facts surrounding the nation’s finances and its oil revenues. Consequently, it resorts to body violence, health threats and psychological intimidation against the former Minister.
The People’s National Congress Reform reassures its members, supporters and the nation at large of its commitment to using all its resources, national and international, to remove the PPP from office in the shortest possible time.
Meanwhile sharing the same sentiments is Opposition Leader Joseph Harmon.
Harmon said that this move is yet another vile, malicious and vindictive act of political witch hunting by the PPP regime.
“The arrest of former Minister of Finance, Winston Jordan, is not evidence based, but is rooted in depravity. The PPP is bent on harassing and tormenting the lives of coalition members and supporters.
There is absolutely no justification for Mr. Jordan’s arrest other than the fact that he continues to expose the PPP’s mismanagement and misuse of the treasury since they were installed into office. His recent remarks that the PPP has already borrowed more money than what we have received thus far from oil has clearly upset the PPP. What we see here today is a clear case of excess use by the state in an attempt to silence those who seek to expose them,” the Opposition Leader said.

He noted that Attorneys at law Roysdale Force SC and Darren Wade were at the side of Winston Jordan throughout this process as he has been released from custody after needing medical attention due to the psychological and mental stress brought on by agents of the state.
The Opposition Leader assured the Guyanese public that party will not allow this incident to go unanswered.

“The PPP must know that this will not be accepted,” the statement ended.


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