Husband discovers wife’s body hanging from rope inside home


-man had left to uplift COVID-19 cash grant

A 64-year-old female shop keeper is now dead after she allegedly used a rope to take her own life when her husband left their home yesterday (Thursday) to uplift his COVID-19 cash grant.

The deceased, who has been identified as Mainawatty Paul also known as “Michelle” of Malbourough, Lower Pomeroon River, Essequibo is said to have left a letter on a wooden table in her home moments before she allegedly committed suicide.

HGP Nightly News understands that the incident took place in the woman’s one-storeyed wooden house, which she lived in with her husband, between 10:00h and 16:00h on Thursday.

Reports are that her 63-year-old spouse left his wife at home alone and travelled to the Marlborough Nursery School, Lower Pomeroon River to collect cash grant being distributed in light of the COVID-19 pandemic in the country.

He told the cops that he returned to his home around 16:00h and saw his wife “hanging from a rope about 10 feet in length”. The rope had been secured to the roof of their house and tied around the woman’s neck.

As such, the man raised an alarm and his neighbours quickly rushed over and police ranks were subsequently summoned to the crime scene.

According to a police statement, when investigating ranks arrived there, they noticed a letter placed on a wooden table and the body of the shop keeper was still hanging.

“The police then cut the rope and examined the body for marks of violence but found none on the most exposed parts of her body. The victim was then escorted to the Charity Cottage Hospital where she was seen and examined by a doctor on duty who pronounced her dead. The body of the deceased was then taken to the Suddie Hospital Mortuary where it awaits a Post Mortem Examination,” the statement added.

Investigations into the alleged suicide continue.


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