Kaieteur News employee robbed at gunpoint by bandits


-robbed of motorcycle

A 50-year-old employee of Kaieteur News was today (Friday) robbed of his motorcycle (CK 5166) by a gunman and his accomplice.

Roy Etkins was riding along the Lamaha Park Access Road, Georgetown, around 11:45 when the suspects rode alongside him on a motorcycle.

The pillion rider then whipped out a black firearm from the waist of his pants andpointed it in the direction of the media worker.

This resulted in Watkins becoming fearful for his life and as such lost control of his motorcycle (CK 5166) and fell on the roadway.

The two perpetrators then stopped, dismounted their motorcycle and picked up the Etkins’ motorcycle before making good their escape.

The stolen motorcycle (CK 5166) is said to be worth $290,000.

Investigations into the matter are ongoing.


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