Allegations of sexual harassment were made against Stanley Lancaster and Roy McArthur of the Guyana Football Federation, a board of inquire was set up, and Samuel has the story on the results, from the inquiry.

Stanley Lancaster the head Referee of the GFF was dismissed, while Roy McArthur the Referee assessor, was tentatively suspended after, an all-female panel was set up to probe complaints of sexual harassment against female referees. The Referee assessor is the guardian of standards and to provide a quality service towards referee promotion, development, and retention. Development in this story was announced at the federation’s Headquarters on Monday afternoon, Ford had this to say.

The work of the Board of inquire started in March 2018, it consist of an academically colorful panel, DR. Karen Pilgrim, Vice president of the Guyana Olympic Association, Human resources consultant; Karan De Souza of red Thread, Karen Joseph Human Resources Consultant, Joy Nichola Marcus-Reid of red Thread, and Dr. Melissa Ifill of the university of Guyana. This Board of inquiry was also tasked with putting together a policy that will help prevent and righteously deal with sexual harassment. It is unclear what took the GFF so long to probe allegations since Ford said it has been affecting the federation for years but he made it clear that this cannot be the order of the day Inserts This comes in the wake of sexual harassment allegations being made and cases filed in courts all around the world against men in position of power, the fight continues for a safe working environment for all and sundry .


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