$M worth of “ganja” goes up in flames following police eradication exercise in Berbice River


Over 18 million dollars worth of “ganja” went up in flames today after police discovered and destroyed a field cannabis plants and a camp site with dried plants today in the Berbice River.

The eradication exercise which was conducted at Sandhills village, Berbice River, led to the discovery of two acres of cannabis plants which had 5,000 “ganja” plants ranging between three (3) and four (4) feet in height.

A section of the “ganja”cultivation site

According to the police, these plants had a “street value” of $11,870,000.

Meanwhile, an average of 3,000 dried cannabis plants valued at $7,000,000 were also found at that location.

The dried cannabis discovered by the cops today.

The plants, dried cannabis and camp were destroyed by fire. No arrests have been made in relation to the find as investigations continue.


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