Man stabs brother to death after being beaten with wood


An electrician is now responsible for his brother’s death, after he allegedly used a pair of scissors to stab the man to his neck as he tried to prevent the now dead man from continuously beating him with a piece of wood.

Dead is 22-year- old labourer, Timonty Hodge, from lot 29 Sisters Village, West Bank Demerara (WBD).

He was killed this morning between 03:30h and 04:30h.

The two men lived at the same residence with their mother.

HGP Nightly news understands that the duo did not share a good relationship since the suspect was the breadwinner for the family while the deceased chose to be unemployed.

Reports are that around 03:00h, the suspect arrived at his home and noticed the door locked.

 He called out to his mother who opened the door for her son and after he entered the house he locked the door and secured the premises before retiring to his room.

 However, a short while after, the now dead man arrived at their home and realised that he had been locked out. He too called for his mother to allow him entry into their home.

He reportedly began an argument with his mother about being locked outside of the house and his prompted the woman to venture outside of their home and sit in the steps.

 The now deceased labourer then turned his attention to his brother who was lying  on his bed at the time and accused him of “seeing him coming and locking the door.”

The row quickly escalated, during which  the deceased then attacked the suspect with a piece of wood, resulting in him receiving an injury to his  left leg.

In the process of being beaten, the suspect  jumped off his bed and grabbed a knife which was near to his bed and dealt the deceased one stab to the center of his neck.

 He then rushed out of the house in company of his mother and went to the Wales Police Station, WBD, where he made a report of the matter.

The suspect  was immediately placed in custody while the police and his mother went back to the scene of the crime. They discovered the deceased lying on the ground motionless in what appears to be blood.

 The weapon along with  the piece of wood was recovered and is presently lodged at the Wales Police Station.

Meanwhile, Hodge’s body was escorted to the West Demerara Regional Hospital, West Coast Demerara, where it was pronounced dead on arrival.

The body is presently at the Ezekiel funeral Parlour awaiting a Post Mortem Examination (PME). Investigations into the matter are ongoing.


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