Discrepancies being discovered in elections recount appear ‘intentional’- President Granger


-recommits to accepting declaration by GECOM, urges public to respect Commission

The irregularities unearthed during the recount process of the results of this year’s General and Regional Elections appear to have been committed intentionally and demonstrate a pattern of manipulation of the country’s electoral process.

This is according to Head-of-State, David Granger, who in an address to the media today stated that the second stage of the legitimate, transparent, post-elections process is a ‘report’ of the recount of all ballots cast and although the first stage is ongoing, various irregularities have already been discovered.

“The ‘report’ of the recount – the second stage of the process – will be compiled by the Chief Elections Officer.  Everyone is aware of numerous reports of irregularities including unstamped ballots, deceased and migrant voters and missing poll books. The Chief Elections Officer, in the circumstances, is obliged to present a matrix of the poll results of each electoral district together with a summary of the ‘Observation Reports’ of each electoral district to the Election Commission,” President Granger explained.

He pointed out that it is expected, given the “exceptional interest” of the Caribbean Communtiy (CARICOM) Heads of Government and the extraordinary exertions of the CARICOM scrutinizing team, their ‘report’ which will be sent to the Election Commission, will receive the fullest consideration.

According to the Head-of-State, after this is completed, there will be a ‘review’ of the report by the Commissioners at the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM). This is the third stage of the four stage process in the ongoing recount process.

“The Commissioners will be expected to take into consideration all the evidence provided in the CEO’s ‘report’, both from the tabulation and observation, in their deliberations. It is expected, also, that the Election Commission will examine the CARICOM report at this stage. The ‘result’ of the General and Regional Elections – the fourth and final stage of the process – will be declared by the Chairman of the Elections Commission after she has studied the report of the Chief Elections officer and the Observation Reports.”

President Granger also reiterated the commitment he made on April 30, 2020, to accept the declaration of the results by the GECOM, which will allow for a democratically elected government to be sworn-in to office.

“I am committed to uphold the Constitution and the rule of law. I respect the integrity and autonomous nature of the Elections Commission. I will abide by the declarations of the Elections Commission as I have abided by the rulings of the Court.”

Meanwhile, the President is urging that the public respect the Chairman of the GEOCOM along with its Commissioners and to desist from scurrility, vulgarity and character assassination.

“The Commission must be allowed to perform its functions in accordance with the Constitution. I encourage everyone to await the completion of the four stages – the current recount, the reports of the Chief Elections Officer and the CARICOM observers, the review by the Elections Commission and the declaration of the final results by the Chairman of the Commission.”


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