Marriott Deaths: PME inconclusive


On Monday, it was revealed that further tests need to be done to determine the cause of death of Justin Teixieria and Paishnarine Hansraj called ‘Ritchie’ after post Morten results came back as inconclusive.

On Monday, between 09:00hrs and 09:30hrs, post mortem examinations, the dissection on the bodies of bodies of the duo was conducted by pathologist Doctor Nehaul Singh at Memorial Gardens in the presence of two Detectives.

On completion, the cause of deaths were inconclusive.

However, stomach contents were removed from both bodies and handed over to investigators. Same will be sent overseas for testing.

The bodies were handed over to the relatives for burial.

The men made headlines after they were discovered by a 28-year-old employee of the Marriot Hotel dead in a vehicle in the hotel’s parking lot. A staff said that he received a phone call from Teixeira’s 60-year-old mother that her son was having a seizure and was asked to check on him.

A search was launched for the man who was a guest at the hotel and the employee then made the gruesome discovery in the Marriott’s parking lot.


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