Old Age pension to be increased to $25,000 monthly


-$15,000 cash grants for students in public schools

Currently there are 59,000 pensioners on roll, each of whom receive $20,000 old age pension from the government, on a monthly basis.

According to President Irfaan Ali, this will soon be changed for the better; pensioners will soon benefit from a $5,000 increase.

In addition to this, provisions are to be implemented to ensure that all pensioners from free water supply at their homes.

Meanwhile, for the younger generation (students) President Ali announced that his government will restore the cash grants for students and has committed to providing each grant to the tune of $15,000 instead of the $10,000.

According to the administration, the grant will be available for all students who attend schools in the public system.

Additionally, the uniform grant will be doubled.

Corporate tax on private education is also slated to be removed.


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