Police uniforms unearthed during raid of Stanleytown WBD home


Police on Wednesday conducted a raid at Stanleytown West Bank Demerara where they discovered a number of prohibited items in a 45 year old woman’s home.

According to the police, the raid was aimed at confiscating a number of illegal items including drugs, firearms and ammunition.

However during the raid, police found One black and red motorcycle along with a quantity of motorcycle parts and several police uniforms which included: one blue police shirt with duty badge, two black pants, two khaki pants bearing the name and regulation number of a deceased policeman and one pair of police regulation boots.
Police arrested five men including a 22 year-old male of Stanleytown WBD; a 20 year-old male of Tuschen Housing Scheme, EBE; a 27 year-old male of Seadam Vreed-En-Hoop, WCD; a 24 year-old male of Nismes Housing Scheme, WBD and a 17 year-old male of Stanleytown.
Investigations are ongoing.


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