Regional Authorities urged to improve Flood Response System


Local Government authorities must provide daily status reports on the impact of flooding in their Regions to the Civil Defence Commission (CDC) in order to ensure that the needs of those affected are catered for in a timely manner.

The call was made by Local Government Minister, Nigel Dharamlall today (Friday) during his address to Regional Authorities at a virtual Regional Disaster Risk Management Systems Flood Response Meeting organized by the CDC.

According to a statement by the Government, the Minister said that while some regions have been reporting to the CDC many have been recalcitrant, pointing out that such information is critical as it relates to planning support for households and farming communities affected by the floods.

“CDC’s Director General, Lieutenant Colonel, Kester Craig noted that effective reporting will allow the CDC to better plan to meet the needs of the affected. CDC’s Preparedness and Response Manager, Major Salim October also stressed the need for better coordination at the level of the RDC to ensure that hampers dispatched by the CDC reach those residents who are severely impacted. Specialist Meteorologist, at the National Weather Watch Center, Komalchand gave an overview of the forecast which predicts above normal rainfall for June to July with August likely to experience wetter than usual transition into dry conditions.”

Among the questions asked by Regional authorities were whether farmers should commence replanting of crops during this unpredictable weather condition given the financial cost and whether satellite images of flooded areas can be provided.

“Officers from the Hydromet Department have agreed to work with the respective regions through their Extension Officers to give further guidance on the weather. The satellite images were provided by the CDC, but the regional authorities were informed that regional reports would further corroborate the information shown.”


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