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Several cybercrimes charges filed against ‘Melly Facking Mel’

Multiple cybercrimes charges have been filed with the Guyana Police Force (GPF) against human rights/political activist Melissa Atwell, popularly known as ‘Melly Facking Mel.’

Nightly News understands that among the complainants against Atwell are a former Government minister, a privately owned hospital and a few serving members of the Police Force.

“I heard of the trumped up charges, and I will have my lawyers deal with it,“ Atwell said when contacted for a comment.

A usually reliable source confirmed that they had been made aware that the human rights activist is out of the jurisdiction and whenever she enters Guyana, she will be arrested and processed for court.

“A wanted bulletin is likely,” the source added.

Most recently, a team of undercover police ranks were dispatched to the Blankets and Baskets events which was held at the Everest Cricket Club ground on July 9, in search of Atwell. Atwell was associated with that event.

Atwell has received a number of awards for her activism work, including the Caribbean Impact Award in 2022, which was presented to her by the Mayor of New York.



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