Son leads Police to dead father in Backdam


Following a developing story in Essequibo River of a son allegedly chopping his father in the Backdam, police have identified the dead man as Archaelus Anthony Miguel of Lot 758 Onderneeming Housing Scheme, Essequibo Coast.
In a press release by the Guyana Police Force, police traveled to Great Troolie Island, Essequibo River after a report was made of the murder where 26 year old man was detained by villagers and handed over to police.
When questioned about the disappearance of his father, he blurted out “I chop he up cos he de troubling me”.
He later escorted the ranks to the scene which was about 3 miles into the backdam. On arrival, he pointed to the area where he allegedly chopped his father and an area where he dragged the body and hid it under some branches.
Police says the discovered body bore multiple chop wounds on all parts of his body and face.
The suspect was then arrested and escorted, along with the body of the deceased to Parika Stelling, where it was further escorted to West Demerara Regional Hospital where the body was pronounced dead on arrival.
It was later escorted to Ezekiel Funeral Home awaiting post mortem examination.
The suspect was then placed into custody. Investigations ongoing.


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