Statement of Shadow Home Affairs Minister, Geeta Chandan-Edmond on allegation that male police conducted search on 16 year-old female


See full statement below:

I am horrified and appalled by allegations of male police conducting a search on a female minor on Friday 7th, May during a raid at #9 Village West Coast Berbice.

As a community, we ought to be revolted by this dastardly development, once proven true.

I implore every level of authority in whose orbit of responsibility this matter falls, to conduct swift investigations to either dispel or corroborate the veracity of these allegations.

If the findings of those investigations indicate that these policemen are culpable, it is expected that they are dealt with condignly; firstly at the level of the statutes of the Guyana Police and secondly, according to the laws of this country.

I take this opportunity to remind all and sundry that this young female must be accorded the strictest confidentiality and every effort must be made to ensure her anonymity is preserved at all costs.

Added to this, her submissions must be believed until compelling evidence provided through an independent and fair process establishes otherwise.


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