Taxi driver robbed of vehicle, cellphone, cash by men armed with icepicks posing as customers


A 38-year-old driver from Kitty, Georgetown, was allegedly robbed of his silver Allion motorcar (# HC 1720) valued at $1.5M, a Samsung Pro cellular phone worth $27,000 and $41,000 in cash along with important documents while he had been transporting three (3) men from the capital city to Ogle, East Coast Demerara (ECD) last night (Monday).

The robbery was reportedly executed around 21:10h in the “Pradoville” area, ECD, by the three (3) suspects, two (2) of whom were said to have been armed with ice picks.

According to a police statement, on Monday (yesterday) around 20:30h while plying his trade, the 38-year-old taxi driver “picked up the three suspects at Mandela Avenue who requested to be taken to Ogle, ECD.”

He told the cops that when he turned onto the Ogle Access Road, the suspects then requested to go into Pradoville, and upon arriving at dead-end in Pradoville, two (2) of the suspects placed ice picks towards his body and demanded he handed over his valuables.

“The other suspect then search his person and relieved him of his phone and cash. The perpetrators then instructed the victim to exit the said motorcar (# HC 1720) in which they made good their escape in a Western direction.”

Investigations into the matter continue.


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