Trio Tries to Trick Police That They Are ‘Aji’ Vendors As Narcotics Found


Acting on information received, a party of policemen in Regional Division #9 went to a house at Tabatinga, Lethem, Central Rupununi where two males and a female were contacted, and during a search of the premises, a scale and a quantity of ziplock bags were found.

When questioned, they told police that they sell aji, however a further search of the yard unearthed a plastic bag containing several small ziplock bags containing a quantity of seeds, leaves and stems suspected to be cannabis sativa, underneath a tree.

Eight small plastics containing a creamish rock-like substance suspected to be cocaine were also found.

The three occupants were arrested and taken to the Lethem Police Station where the suspected cannabis sativa and cocaine were weighed and amounted to 34 grams and 3 grams respectively.

They remain in custody pending charges.


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