WECAN condemns Sherod Duncan’s ‘attacks’ on Gov’t Ministers


The Women Empowering Communities and Neighbourhoods in their latest statement has condemned Opposition Parliamentarian Sherod Duncan in his latest ‘attacks’ to government ministers and has called on the APNU/AFC Opposition to hold him accountable.

The statement reads:
“Women Empowering Communities and Neighbourhoods (WECAN) condemns the recent attacks on Ministers of government, Honourable Priya Manikchand and Honourable Onidge Waldron. Mr. Duncan’s utterances in his Facebook broadcast In the Ring, demonstrates an unintellectual, tasteless, vile attacks on anyone who does not support the positions of the APNU+AFC. Mr. Duncan’s primal attacks have been aimed at Prime Minister of Barbados, Mia Mottley, US Ambassador to Guyana, Sarah Ann Lynch, among countless others.
Duncan’s outbursts demonstrates his complete lack of professional respect for his colleagues in parliament, an entrenched attitude of chauvinism that finds favour with his comrades, and a total absence of even the most basic standards of decency and humanity. Unfortunately, his actions fail to attract repulsion and condemnation from his leaders and followers, many of whom are themselves women. Mr. Duncan continues to behave as though he escapes all accountability for his words.
Duncan has repeatedly and cantankerously attempted to denigrate the characters of these women in a callous and reckless manner, although they have done nothing, nor could they have possibly done anything to have become the victim of such primal attacks from a sitting parliamentarian. However, it is generally accepted that ad hominin attacks emerge from those whose reason has failed him.
We call on the APNU+AFC to hold Mr. Duncan to higher standards of leadership that more closely align with goals of national unity. We also call on the Ethnic Relations Committee to investigate and sanction Mr. Duncan for his calling Minister Waldron a ‘house slave’, a ‘cross’, a ‘devil’ and ‘an incompetent devil’ on his September 7, 2021 facebook broadcast of In the Ring. In a society where violence against women is rampant, behaviours such as displayed by Mr. Duncan must be condemned in the strongest terms. We therefore call on all women’s organizations to condemn Mr. Duncan’s behaviour. Finally, we join the rest of the nation in condemning Mr. Duncan’s vile and contemptible attack on Minister Manickchand on his broadcast of In the Ring.”


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