Bandits rob, terrorise females at grocery shop during armed robbery


Two (2) armed men, who entered a shop under the pretense of being customers, assaulted a businesswoman while robbing her and two (2) other females of a large quantity of cellular phone cards, a cellular phone and gold jewellery before making good their escape.

The armed robbery took place on Saturday (yesterday) at Riverview, Mahaica, East Coast Demerara (ECD).

The businesswoman has been identified as a 49-year-old female of that village while the other two women, ages 29 and 24, are said to also residence in the same house with the woman.

Reports are that around 12:15h, two men entered the grocery shop at the lower flat of the two (2)-storeyed home and ordered two beers. One of the females handed the suspects the two alcoholic beverages but upon receiving them, one of the men requested a “change of beverage.”

According to a police release, the woman was about to hand the man the different beverage when the suspect who was armed “jumped through the hole at the counter facing West and held them at gun point and demanded cash and jewelry, he then lashed the victim to her chin and left side face while demanding cash and jewelry.”

Meanwhile, the other bandit entered the shop through the Southern door and the two perpetrators snatched cash and cellular phone cards from a drawer there before they proceeded to assault the other women and steal their personal items.

The duo then forced one of the females to the upper flat of the house then returned to the lower flat before they made good their escape in an unknown direction.

According to the police, the bandits carted off $300,000 cash, a quantity of GTT and Digicel phone cards and one old ring and gold band valued at $20,000 from the 49-year-old businesswoman along with an Iphone.

They stole a wedding band and gold chain valued at $46,000 along with an Iphone from the 29-year-old female while they robbed the 24-year-old female of two old rings worth $30,000.

Investigations into the matter continue.


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