Elderly man found dead at home after ‘funny’ scent at Golden Fleece Village W.C.B.


A Post Morteum Examination is expected to be done on Conrad Wilson who was found dead in his Golden Fleece Village, West Coast Berbice home on Thursday evening.
The 64-year-old man lived alone but was however a patient at the Psychiatric Clinic, New Amsterdam.
Police reported that on November 4, the man’s cousin reported to police that a funny scent was coming from his cousin’s residence and immediately went to make a check, where he saw the deceased lying motionless on his back on the floor in his house. It is also unclear when Wilson was last seen alive.
The body was examined for marks of violence but due to its decomposed state, none was seen. The body was escorted to the Fort Wellington Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead by a doctor on duty and is presently at the Bailey’s Funeral Home.


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