Five hospitalised after car suffers blowout on Fairfield Public Road


Five persons were admitted to the Suddie Public Hospital this morning following an accident on the Fairfield Public Road, Essequibo Coast. 

The accident, which occurred at about 07:30h involved motorcar PXX 8405, driven by Angelia Simon, 30, and occupant Adzar Mohammed, 36, and motorcar PXX 4632, driven by Ivan Layne, 65, with two occupants Aleen Layne, 54, and Andrew Curdis, 12. 

Reports are that motorcar PXX 8405 was proceeding north on the western side of Fairfield Public Road at an alleged fast rate of speed while motorcar PXX 4632 was coming south. 

The driver of motorcar PXX 8405 told Police that she suffered a blowout to the left side rear wheel, and collided with the front portion of motor vehicle PXX 4632. 

As a result of the collision, both vehicles received extensive damage to the front portion. 

The drivers and occupants were pulled from the vehicles and transported to the Suddie Public Hospital, where they were admitted as patients. 


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