Gold miner beaten, throat slit after rushing to aid wife who was being assaulted by men in shop


A 26-year-old old miner is now dead after he was beaten with a wood before his throat was slit after he ran to his wife’s aid when three (3) suspects rushed into their shop and physically assaulted the woman.

The deceased has been identified as Kevin Allam of Turn Basin, Port Kaituma, North West District (NWD), Region One (Barima-Waini), who is said to have been murdered around 17:30h on Friday at White Water Backdam, NWD.

Reports are that the Allam’s reputed wife was inside of the couple’s shot when three (3) men approached her and one of the suspect “held her by her hair.”

The now dead man, having witnessed this, went to her assistance but the two other perpetrators pounced on him and dealt the gold miner several lashes about his body with a piece of wood until he became “motionless.”

According to a police statement, Allam was then dragged a short distance away from his shop where one of the suspects held his body down to the ground while another whipped out a knife and slit Allam’s throat.

“On completion of the wounding, the suspects then proceeded into the shop and removed some raw gold but did not harm the reputed wife after she pleaded for her life. The victim was subsequently picked up by the police and escorted to Port Kaituma Hospital where he was pronounced dead by a Doctor on duty. His body wassubsequently escorted to the hospital’s mortuary where it awaits a Post Mortem Examination (PME).”

On Saturday around 09:00h, police ranks at Port Kaituma who were acting upon information received went to the “water front” area and arrested the three (3) suspects who are presently in police custody.

Investigations into the gold miner’s murder continue.


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