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“I don’t see them winning” – Norton confident APNU will retain Georgetown

Opposition Leader Aubrey Norton said that the A Partnership For National Unity (APNU) had done the groundwork in Georgetown and is confident of winning this year’s Local Government Elections (LGE). 

Speaking to reporters after voting at the Plaisance Health Centre on Monday, Norton posited that the people of Georgetown are sensible.

“I don’t even see them having a chance of winning Georgetown,” the Opposition Leader noted.

When asked why the APNU did not contest in all Local Authority Areas (LAAs), Norton explained that the party dedicated its resources to maintaining its strongholds.

“In terms of strategy, it was to take our resources and focus it in areas that we thought essentially we had to maintain. We are dealing with a corrupt PPP regime that uses all State resources.”

Moreover, he added that the party also focused on areas where it needed to improve its position as a “trial run” for the next Regional and General elections.

“We concentrated our resources in the areas we had to work hard and ensure we maintained. We also focused on areas where we thought we can improve our position,” Norton remarked.

As it relates to the central government starving the Opposition Neighbourhood Democratic Councils of subvention, the politician revealed that legal action would be taken.  

“One of the things we intend to do in this period is to take legal action against the government. We will spend a lot of time exposing them internationally, which we began to do.”



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