• The style of former president Bharrat Jagdeo who is also the general secretary of the PPP is not resting well with many of its members, at least one executive member of the party is speaking about it. Travis Chase reports.

A former PPP general secretary who today is considered one of the few remaining ‘old-guard’ of the party cleared his mind through his throat in a recent interview with Nightly News. Clement Rohee was asked specifically about January 7, 2017, when former president Bharrat Jagdeo was elected General Secretary of the party. Rohee was asked about Jagdeo’s style of running the party and there seems to be a problem.

One fierce writer had said in 2015, leading up to elections that whatever may be the motive underlying the campaign style of former President Bharrat Jagdeo, there is widespread agreement that the rhetoric, invectives and undisguised race-baiting in all his speeches bode ill for the country. According to Rohee he avoids confronting the ‘aggressive’ Jagdeo about his style.

After the 2013 Congress, then President Donald Ramotar had decided to step down from the post of PPP General Secretary and hand it over to Rohee. Three year later, Jagdeo emerged and after secret balloting he became the General Secretary of the PPP.

On June 26, 2018, The Caribbean Court of Justice had put a dent in Jagdeo’s third term presidential ambition when they upheld presidential term limits enshrined in the Guyana Constitution.


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