Labourer’s body fished out of trench by cops


A 57-year-old labourer was found dead inside of a trench in his village less than 24-hours after he had left his home to “fix his bicycle”.

Dead is Devanand Ramoutar called “Shorty” of Goed Bananen Land, East Canje, Berbice.

The discovery was made around 09:30h yesterday (Monday) after the man failed to return to his home when he left his residence around 14:30h.

According to a police statement, the now dead man’s wife described him as a “constant alcohol consumer” and some four (4) hours after he left their home on Sunday, she began searching for her husband but could not locate him.

 “About 07:00hrs on 2021/06/07 she continued the along with other relatives. His bicycle was found, by his son, leaning against a culvert about 12 feet off Goed Bananen Land Public Road. The son also claimed that he did not search the area.”

 On Monday (yesterday) around 09:30h, Ramoutar’s wife went to the said culvert where she made checks and saw “part of her husband’s shirt in a trench next to the said culvert” and she immediately raised an alarm.

“The body of Davenand Ramoutar was retrieved by police ranks who were summoned. Initial checks revealed a wound to the left eye of the deceased. The body was then escorted to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival by a doctor on duty.”

Ramoutar’s body now lies in storage at the Arokium Funeral Home awaiting a Post Mortem Examination (PME) as investigations continue.


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