Police officers in Georgetown providing night meals, face masks to vulnerable


-majority of expenses being paid for out of our pockets- Commander (ag) Azore

For the past 10 nights, hot meals and face masks are being provided to dozens of persons in the capital city outside of the Brickdam Police Station compound, to aid in ensuring that they have at least one meal per day.

The beneficiaries are mainly persons who would have been employed with part time jobs during the nights, prior to the implementation of the curfew, and are now struggling to earn an income to sustain themselves.

This is according to acting Commander of Region Four (Demerara-Mahaica) Sub-Division ‘A’ (Georgetown), Senior Superintendent, Phillip Azure, who told HGP Nightly News that several ranks within his Division raised their concerns about the welfare of those affected.

He explained that police officers, himself included, are using funds from their pockets to offset the majority of expenses each night to ensure that this initiative continues.

“These are people who need food, who are hungry, who used to be working outside of the curfew to provide for themselves and with the lockdown, they are vulnerable and are on the street. The reason for doing it is because there isn’t anybody to provide things for these people. Prior to this COVID-19 lockdown, these people would push carts, do odds and ends work in the market and around for people to make money and provide for themselves but now with the lockdown these opportunities are not there.”

Azore noted that each night, the ranks cater for between 30 to 40 persons, however, it is expected that the number of individuals visiting for a hot meal increases.

The police officers plan to continue to use money from their pockets to assist in the feeding programme.

“We see the need, I see the need, the Division sees the need and we provide for them by night. One meal in the night along with face masks. Most of the times we go into our pockets to provide for them and we do it because we see the need,” the acting Police Commander added.


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