Region 10 RDC employee nabbed with quantity of “ganja”, large sum of cash after failing to flee cops


-passenger evades arrest, dumps haversack with gun and ammo on road

-other vehicle speeds off despite cop in passenger seat instructing him to head to police station

A 29-year-old Health and Safety Officer attached to the Regional Democratic Council of Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice) is presently in the lockups after being nabbed with a quantity of ganga in the back seat of a vehicle (PVV 3686) he was driving and $688,900 cash in his pockets.

The large multi-coloured plastic bag containing four (4) bulky parcels with cannabis is said to have weighed 5448 grammes in total. According to the police, the vehicle (PVV 3686) is owned by the RDC.

Meanwhile, two other men are currently on the run from the cops.

One of the two was a passenger inside of the government vehicle while the other man was driving another vehicle, a White Duke motorcar (PXX 6972).

This driver and the Health and Safety Officer along with his passenger had been conversing as they parked along the roadway when they spotted the cops.
Reports are that around 16:30h yesterday, ranks in a police patrol observed the dark coloured motor vehicle (PVV 3686) alongside motor vehicle (PXX 6972) at the Schoonard Public Road.

As the ranks approached the two vehicles, the Region 10 RDC’s vehicle “pulled off in a fast rate of speed” and tried to escape the cops.

Upon noticing this, the Corporal in the police vehicle instructed another rank to have the other vehicle( PXX 6972) and its driver taken to the Police Station before the rest of ranks pursued the fleeing vehicle (PVV 3686).

They managed to apprehend the driver after his vehicle came to a halt at a dead end.

An unidentifiable male exited the vehicle with a black haversack in his hand and started to run in a western direction.

However, one Constable exited the police vehicle and gave chase resulting in the man dumping a haversack on the road while fleeing.

He managed to escape and the cop inspected the haversack which revealed a Black Taurus 45 Pistol firearm bearing serial number NBU 32009 with nine live matching rounds in the magazine along with one small box containing 50 live .45 ammunition.

Meanwhile, the other policemen told the Health and Safety Officer of the offences committed and was also shown the firearm and ammunition found in the haversack.

While under caution, he told the cops that the illegal items belonged to his passenger who had made good his escape.

He was placed in custody pending further investigation.

Meanwhile, the Constable who was sent to escort the driver of motor vehicle (PXC 6972) returned to the station empty-handed after escaping from the vehicle while its driver attempted to drive off with him.

He explained that the driver had been complying with the order but upon approaching the entrance of the Police Station he quickly turned to another direction and sped off.

The rank stated that as the vehicle reached a short distance where there was a “steep hump” resulting in the vehicle slowing down, he opened the car door and jumped out.

The driver continued to speed away from the area. According to the police, they are presently on the hunt for the driver whose only given name upto press time is “George”.


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