Shoe maker stabbed with sewing needle during robbery on roadway


A 25-year-old shoe maker was reportedly stabbed with his sewing needle before being robbed of cash by three bandits last night (Thursday) in the vicinity of the “Beardman Gas Station”, Independence Street, West Bank Demerara (WBD).

The injured man has been identified as Michael Ramcharran of La Grange village, WBD, who is said to frequent houses in the area plying his trade with his sewing needle.

Reports are that around 19:30h on Thursday, Ramcharran was North along the road and while in the vicinity of the gas station he was approached by the three suspects, one of whom told him not to move and “to keep quiet.”

The shoe maker told the cops that he was then asked “where the gold deh?” and he told the trio that he did not have any gold.

According to the police, the suspect who questioned Ramcharran about the gold then pushed his hand in the man’s right side back pocket, pulled out his sewing needle and dealt the show maker a stab to the upper portion of his left side shoulder.

After this quick attack, Ramcharran reportedly fell to the ground in an unconscious state.

He was later picked up by public spirited citizens and taken to the West Demerara Regional Hospital where regained consciousness and discovered that $17,000 was missing from his back pocket. 

He was subsequently treated and sent away by a Doctor on duty. 

Investigations into the matter are presently ongoing.


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