Women aged 25 and 26 drowned at Feather Beach


A family outing on Sunday turned deadly after two women drowned at Feather Beach, Redlock, Essequibo Coast. 

The women have been identified as Akesha Tyril, a 26-year-old housewife, and Kaywattie Lalbachan, a 25-year-old domestic worker. The tragic incident occurred at about 16:40h. 

According to Mekeisha Simone, at about 14:30h, she, along with the two women and other family members, went to Feather Beach. 

She further stated that they were in the water bathing and dancing when a sudden current pulled them, and she grabbed onto some grass and pulled herself and another relative out of the water. 

However, Lalbachan and Tyril went under the water, and an alarm was raised. Public-spirited citizens went to their assistance, and Lalbachan was found five minutes after, while Tyril was located half an hour later. 

The duo was rushed to the Suddie Hospital, where they were pronounced dead on arrival. Their bodies are at the hospital’s mortuary awaiting a Post Mortem Examination (PME). Investigations are ongoing. 


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