Man discovers brother dead in pool of blood inside bedroom


A Charlestown, Georgetown, resident was discovered lifeless in a pool of blood inside his bedroom with what appeared to be a wound to his throat, early Saturday (today) by his male sibling.

The deceased, who is said to have been an alcoholic, is believed to have died between 23:00h on Friday (yesterday) and 08:00h today.

According to a police statement, around 18:00h on Friday (yesterday) the now dead man’s brother received information that his sibling (deceased) had been inside of the Le Repentir Cemetery, Georgetown.

He quickly ventured to that location and found his brother sitting on a tomb and when he questioned the now deceased about his presence there, he reportedly obtained no response, so he proceeded to take the man to his home.

He told investigators that around 23:00h on Friday (yesterday), he secured his home and the siblings retired to their beds in separate bedrooms.

“The next morning the brother further states that he woke up and saw the victim lying in a pool of blood in the bedroom. What appeared to be a wound was seen on his throat. No signs of breakage was seen on the house.”

The man’s brother was pronounced dead by a doctor from an Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) crew.

“The body was then escorted to the Lyken Funeral Home awaiting a Post Mortem Examination (PME). Statements taken investigations are in progress.”


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